Mulims Tours In rajasthan

Mulims Tours In rajasthan

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Thereare Not so Many Religious Monuments For Mulims Tours In rajasthan. Ajmer sharif Is the most popular Monuments for Muslims All over the world. Ajmer sharif dargah is also known as Garib nawaz is equally devoted and visited by Hindus & Muslims.

Hazrat Moyinuddin hasn chistey was a sufi saint who started Sufism which teaches brotherhood among all communities. Exept this there are two More popular mosques around the city which can be visited during your visit to Ajmer sharif. Nagaur sharif, sarwar sharif and nawa sharif are another popular mosques of the surrounding areas.

Jaipur city is also a gud option to be added into your tour as it is the Pinkcity and is the capital city of rajasthan which is very popular for it' forts and palaces Very popular for it's shoppings and Monuments Jaipur can be visited in Same Day Taxi Tour From Ajmer To Jaipur .


  • Dargah Sharif Ajmer
  • Adhai din ka jhopra
  • Bara dari of ajmer
  • Sarwar sahrif dargah
  • Nagaur sharif Dargah
  • Nawa sharif
  • Jaipur Pinkcity
  • Chittorgarh fort and vijay stambh
  • Pushkar
  • Taj mahal agra
  • Fatehpur sikri dargah

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