Elephant Ride in Jaipur

Elephant Ride in Jaipur

Destination : Jaipur


Jaipur is world-famous as a royal city with a great history of kings. The city has gigantic forts, alluring palaces, and a royal lifestyle. The elephant ride takes the royal experience a step further. Elephants were the rides of Kings and their families, thus a part of Rajasthani culture. Jaipur has places where you could relive this experience of riding over decorated elephants and royal treatment. Thousands of tourists just come to Jaipur to experience this majestic ride. The elephant ride is worth experiencing in the Jaipur tour package.


1. Amber Palace

Amber palace offers the best and most unique experience of elephant rides. At Amber palace, the tour of the elephant ride is designed like that of the royal people of ancient times which make it so special here. When passing through royal paths & gates and then entering the royal palace, you surely will have a taste of royalty. 

2. Elephant Village

This is surely an interesting place to spend time at. Situated amidst Aravalli Hills, elephant village offers an amazing experience of spending your day around elephants in person. Here you can enjoy an elephant safari in natural surroundings. You could also enjoy several activities such as painting the elephants with organic colors, playing around, feeding them, and many more. The tour to elephant village can be covered in same-day tours from Jaipur.

3. Jal Mahal And Heritage City

You could also enjoy elephant rides in the heritage city where you can roam across the main markets and streets riding over the elephants. 

Why You Should Take the Elephant Ride in Jaipur?

Elephant rides are a must part of Jaipur tourism. The city offers the unmatched experience of reliving the royal treatment and riding over the royal rides. You will find that an elephant ride is a must-do suggestion in Jaipur tourism everywhere. When you take a ride with these giant animals, you will surely have a thrilling experience for a lifetime. The experience of magnificent heritage sites will be multiplied with this unique ride. Further, the ride gives you a better chance and more time to witness the marvelous architecture and wealth of the heritage. The ride over these lovely animals would make your entire tour a memorable one.

Best Time for the Elephant Ride in Jaipur

Jaipur is a tropical city so the best time to visit the city and enjoy an elephant ride is the winter season. The rainy season is another popular tourist season here. During summers you will find it difficult to get rides over elephants because of the hot temperatures.

If you want to get the amazing experience of elephant rides at Amber Fort and heritage city, then you must make bookings in the morning to get the number. If you want to have hassle-free bookings for elephant rides then elephant village can be a better option.

Ticket Prices for Elephant Rides

At Amber Fort, the usual ticket price for Indian nationals is approx. 600 INR and slightly higher for foreign tourists. The fare is fixed throughout the year and is the same for both adults and children. The time for elephant rides is from 08:30 am to 12:00 am every day. At elephant village, you may have to get the prices yourself as the elephant owners have their own prices for different activities.

Jaipur government, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and other animal welfare & rights groups conduct routine checkups to ensure the health of the elephants. When you are a tourist in Jaipur, do not miss the chance to enjoy an elephant ride for an unforgettable experience.

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