Ayodhya Packages from Bangalore

Ayodhya Packages from Bangalore

2 Nights 3 Days

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Ayodhya is considered the holiest city for Hindu devotees as it is the birthplace of Lord Ram, a vital idol for Hindus. It is also where the epic saga of Ramayan took place, making the whole place a pilgrimage site for tourists. Taking a holy dip in the River of Saryu is considered very fortunate for one's life. The birthplace of Lord Ram is significant to many Hindu devotees; millions of devotees from all over the world pay their respects.


The things to plan in Ayodhya Tour Guide are as follows:
· Shri Ram Janmabhoomi:- Renowned as Ram Mandir, Lord Ram's birthplace, where he spent all his childhood. It gave rise to the epic saga of Ramayan.
· Hanuman Garhi:- It's believed he visited the Hanuman temple before the Ram Mandir, as he used to guard the Ram Janmabhoomi.
· Kanak Bhavan:- Devotees get to view Lord Ram's and his wife's idols in a magnificent look.
· Nageshwarnath Temple:- The temple home to a shivaling was built by Lord Ram’s son, Kush, for his devotion towards Lord Shiva.

How to Reach Ayodhya from Bangalore?
All major cities are well-connected to make travelling convenient for the visitors. One can pick Faizabad Airport, which is 6km away from Ayodhya. However, there are frequent buses and tempos from Faizabad to Ayodhya. The other option is the Railway; one must catch a train from Faizabad and then take a car to Ayodhya. For the Ayodhya Tour Package, tourists can bring their vehicle, too.

Best Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Ayodhya
Once tourists arrive at the Faizabad Airport from Bangalore for their Ayodhya Tour, they are dropped at their hotels for refreshments. The tour begins with the significant temples of Hanuman Garhi, Ram Janmabhoomi, Kanak Bhawan, and many more. The day ends with sunset near the Saryu River.

Day 2: Ayodhya Sightseeing 
Moving forward with the tour, the subsequent visits are to the Sita ki Rasoi, Choti Chawni, Tulsi Smarak Bhawan, and many more. In between the visits, tourists can experience the local cuisines of Uttar Pradesh. One can take a stroll in Gulab Bari to end the sightseeing tour.

Day 3: Departure
Tourists are dropped off at their respective modes of transport. However, visitors are welcome to prolong their tour.

Nearby places to visit as an extension from Ayodhya tour
Gonda:- Son of the Sun, Karan constructed a tank for the temple Devi Patan, which is 44 km away from Ayodhya, to pay tribute to his father during the era of Mahabharat.
Bara Banki:- A monument built in 1905 AD is a mixture of Indo-Iranian models, 107 km away from Ayodhya is of Sufi saint Syed Haji Ali Waris Shah.
Punyahari:- At a distance of 19 km from Ayodhya is a village of enthusiastic antique tourists, as this place includes all of the archaeological heritage collection from ancient times.
Bharat Kund:- During Lord Ram's exile of 14 years, his brother Bharat ruled this place at Nandigram, which is 20km away from Ayodhya.

Best time to plan Ayodhya trip
The ideal time to plan the Ayodhya Tour for 3 days is around October to February during the winter season, as it gets pretty humid and sweaty to travel during the summer. Plan a trip during the festive season to experience India's vibrant and colourful culture.

Tips to plan Ayodhya trip:
· For convenient touring, book accommodation beforehand to avoid Hassel during peak season.
· Travel light and pick better outfits so as not to offend the cultural sensitivity of the place.
· Don’t forget to explore the local markets and cuisines of India.
· Book a tour guide to better understand the Indian history and culture of the Hindu religion and their significance during the travelling.

FAQs on the Ayodhya Tour from Bangalore 
Which transport is convenient for the tour?

All mode of transportation is convenient as roads are well-maintained and connected to all major cities. 

Ideal time to travel to Ayodhya?
It’s recommended during the winter season, which is from October to February, to avoid inconvenience.

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