Jaipur Tour by Car And Driver

Jaipur Tour by Car And Driver

Destination : Jaipur


Get ready to experience the vibrant capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur known as ‘The Pink City’. The city is filled with renowned magnificent architecture, rich culture and tradition unforgettable history, and bustling local markets. One can admire the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity in today’s time. To explore the city, the most recommended option is to book a Car and driver in Jaipur in advance for convenience as well as comfortable touring around the streets. For an unforgettable experience of the journey rest in a Car with a professional driver to get perfect knowledge of the places and their history.

Places to visit in Jaipur:

Jaipur is honored with historical monuments and cultural landmarks. These sites are the main attraction of the city.

1. Amber Fort:- Situated on the hilltop, this magnificent fort is famous for its complicated carvings done using mirror work and offering a view with its vast courtyard.

2. City Palace:- A Palace showcasing the royal lifestyle of Jaipur’s previous rulers. This museum is home to numerous collections of glorious artifacts.

3. Hawa Mahal:- This unique five-story monument is popularly known as the Palace of Winds, as it consists of Lattice windows with magnificent views.

4. Jantar Mantar:- An astronomical observatory that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is considered as the world’s largest stone sundial.

5. Jal Mahal:- A palace located in mid of Man Sagar Lake, with undignified serene surroundings, offering a photogenic spot for tourists.

6. Nahargarh Fort:- A fort with an ideal place with a picturesque scene of a magnificent sunset. One can enjoy watching the stunning sunset with a panoramic view of Jaipur.

Car Rental in Jaipur

The process of Car Rental in Jaipur is straightforward, anybody can rent a car. Numerous agencies are offering a variety of vehicle options according to taste and needs, be it compact cars or luxury SUVs. It’s highly recommended to book in advance, as during peak season it can get difficult to book with crowded bookings as well and it gets expensive during the seasonal period. The companies offer well-maintained vehicles with the best services to their clients. Customers get to pick the option of self-drive or chauffeur-driven cars, whichever is convenient and comfortable for tourists who are familiar with the roads of the city.

Hire Experienced driver in Jaipur

To enhance one’s Jaipur tour Package by car, hire an experienced driver in Jaipur. Expert drivers will know the traffic patterns, famous routes, and all the shortcuts around the city. They ensure the safety of the visitors as well as navigate through chaotic roads without much difficulty, as to provide a comfortable ride for the customers. Moreover, with experienced drivers, you will also get an informal guide with the best insights about the places one should visit to get a more comprehensive tour of the city to add memories to one’s traveling experience.

Tour guide in Jaipur

With the Jaipur Tour Guide, the tourists can continue with their tour without worrying much about missing the places to visit in the city. Also, hiring a knowledgeable driver with a tour guide in Jaipur will enhance the trip. The licensed tour guides possess great knowledge of the city’s rich culture, history, and stunning architecture. They will provide detailed information regarding the famous sites and answer all necessary questions related to Jaipur’s rich cultural heritage. Tour guides will know the best local eateries, famous shopping spots, and hidden gems which will let the customers experience the city as local.

Wrap up

The best way to explore Jaipur is by car and driver as one can wander around the city at your own pace. From visiting the grandeur Amber Fort to the architectural site of Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar, one gets to pick which famous attraction to visit first and last at their own convenient time. Moreover, renting a car provides flexibility to alter itinerary. Also with an experienced driver and knowledgeable tour guide, they ensure to offer a safe and enjoyable journey filled with memories and enriching the traveling experience. So prepare yourself for this unforgettable adventure in Jaipur where every corner consists of treasuring stories and moments.

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