Golden Triangle Tour from Andhra Pradesh

Golden Triangle Tour from Andhra Pradesh

6 Nights, 7 Days

Destination : Visakhapatnam – Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Delhi


Embark on the Golden Triangle Tour from Andhra Pradesh, a mesmerizing exploration of India's cultural treasures. Begin in Delhi, delving into historical wonders like India Gate and Humayun's Tomb. Journey to Agra to witness the timeless beauty of the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. The adventure continues in Jaipur, the Pink City, where the City Palace and Amber Fort unfold tales of royalty. From the bustling streets of Delhi to the regal palaces of Jaipur, this tour offers a symphony of history, architecture, and vibrant cultures, creating an unforgettable odyssey through the heartland of North India.

Tour Duration: 6 Nights, 7 Days
Destinations Covered: Visakhapatnam – Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Delhi


Day 1: Visakhapatnam to Delhi flight
Kickstart the tour with thrilling adventures as you fly from Visakhapatnam to Delhi. This marks the commencement of an exciting experience. Soar through the skies towards the heart of India, ready to unravel Delhi's cultural tapestry and historical wonders.

Day 2: Delhi arrival & sightseeing
As you land in Delhi, immerse yourself in a sightseeing extravaganza. Explore the capital's iconic landmarks, each a testament to its rich history and cultural diversity. From the majestic India Gate to the intricate beauty of Humayun's Tomb, the day unfolds a visual narrative of Delhi's past and present. As you traverse the city's vibrant streets, the amalgamation of historical grandeur and modern dynamism becomes evident, painting a vivid picture of India's capital city. This day promises a journey through time, capturing the essence of Delhi's multifaceted heritage and cultural tapestry.

Day 3: Delhi sightseeing & Agra transfer
The exploration of Delhi's wonders continues before embarking on a journey to Agra. Uncover the city's historical grandeur as you traverse through its iconic landmarks. The anticipation builds as you head to Agra, the home of the world-famous Taj Mahal. Immersing in the city's historical tapestry promises an encounter with the architectural marvels that define Agra's identity. From Delhi's cultural kaleidoscope to Agra's timeless symbol of love, this day unfolds a captivating narrative of India's rich heritage, seamlessly blending historical significance with the promise of extraordinary experiences in the heart of the country.

Day 4: Agra sightseeing & Jaipur transfer
Dive into Agra's treasures, with the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal taking center stage in your exploration—Marvel at its timeless beauty and historical significance. The journey continues as you transfer to Jaipur, the Pink City, where promises of cultural richness and architectural wonders unfold. This day encapsulates a seamless blend of historical marvels and the vibrant present, from the regal Agra Fort to the dynamic markets. With its intricate palaces and cultural heritage, Jaipur invites you to embark on a visual and cultural odyssey, offering a taste of Rajasthan's regal past and dynamic present.

Day 5: Jaipur sightseeing tour
Embark on Day 5 with a comprehensive sightseeing tour, unraveling Jaipur's rich heritage. The regal history comes to life as you explore the magnificent Amber Fort, adorned with intricate designs and echoes of the past. The journey continues to the iconic Hawa Mahal, a palace with captivating latticework representing Jaipur's cultural and architectural grandeur. Each site unveils a chapter of Rajasthan's regal legacy, inviting you to immerse yourself in the architectural marvels and historical tales that define the Pink City's charm.

Day 6: Jaipur to Delhi
Bid a fond farewell to the enchanting Jaipur, retracing your journey to Delhi. The return serves as a moment of reflection, allowing you to contemplate the vibrant markets and historical marvels that intricately defined your exploration of two culturally rich cities. From the regal splendors of Jaipur's palaces to the bustling markets, this day encapsulates the tapestry of experiences woven during your vacation. As you travel, the memories of Rajasthan's dynamic culture and Delhi's historical grandeur linger, creating a narrative of diverse landscapes and captivating stories that unfold in the heart of India.

Day 7: Departure from Delhi
Your adventure culminates as you bid farewell to Delhi, departing with the warmth and unforgettable memories of North India. The departure marks the conclusion of an enriching journey through diverse landscapes and captivating stories. From the vibrant markets to historical marvels, each experience becomes a cherished thread in the tapestry of your travels.

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