7 Amazing Things to Do and See in India in 2023-24

India, often called the “Land of Wonders,” is a country that bursts with a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. Every year, it keeps evolving, presenting travellers with unique experiences and newer sightseeing attractions. Unveil a fusion of traditional charm and futuristic allure in the India Tour Package. Adventure seekers can tread the Himalayan trails, and art lovers can dive into the contemporary art scene in metropolitan cities. As you plan your India trip in 2023, let’s unravel seven unique things to explore in this vast nation in one go.

Visit the New Heritage Attractions:
India’s vast array of UNESCO World Heritage Sites gets new additions now and then. Recently, there are some heritage sites have been accorded this country. Venturing into these places will let you soak in their historic or natural significance and understand why they’ve earned a spot on this esteemed travel list.
Most recent additions to Heritage Attractions: Jaipur City, Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensembles of Mumbai, The Walled City of Ahmedabad, The ruins at Nalanda Mahavihara, and Khanchendzonga National Park.

Experience the Futuristic Museums:
Over the past few years, India has focused on blending its ancient heritage with modern interpretations. The result is futuristic museums equipped with virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive displays that make history come alive. Destinations like New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru lead this wave.
A few of the Best Futuristic Museums: The Indian Museum in Kolkata, the National Museum in New Delhi, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Virasat-e-Khalsa in Punjab, etc.

Revamped Kumbh Mela:
Slated for 2024, the Kumbh Mela at Prayagraj promises to be an extravaganza like never before. While maintaining its traditional essence, there are plans to integrate advanced facilities for pilgrims and tourists alike. This is it if you want to immerse in an event that’s a beautiful blend of spirituality, festivity, and tradition.
Kumbh Mela Attractions: Holy Dips, Sangam, Naga Sadhus, Akhadas, Cultural Events, Spiritual Teachings, Astronomical Significance, Awe-inspiring Aura, Crafts and Food Stalls, etc.

Rail Adventure on the Upgraded “Palace on Wheels”:
The most popular luxury train, Palace on Wheels, will take you through Rajasthan’s famous royal cities, which have recently transformed. Embark on a beautiful Rajasthan Tour Package on this train to enjoy a journey in plush interiors reminiscent of Rajasthani palace, world-class amenities and enhanced immersive experiences in each destination it takes a stop.
Some other luxury trains: Maharajas Express, Golden Chariot, Deccan Odyssey, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Fairy Queen Express, The Heritage on Wheels, etc.

Nature Retreat in the Floating Resorts of Kerala:
Kerala, already renowned for its backwaters, is now introducing floating resorts to attract travellers. Imagine the tranquillity of lying in luxury as you sail through serene backwaters, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing aura of nature.
Best places for Kerala Backwater Tour: Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kottayam, Kollam, Kasargod, Thiruvallam, Munroe Island, etc.

Trek through the Newly Opened Himalayan Trails:
The great Indian Himalayas, a trekker’s paradise, have recently seen the opening of some pristine, hitherto unexplored trails. These paths promise untouched landscapes, remote villages, and a genuine connection with nature. Trekking to these routes offers a blend of adventure and cultural immersion as you traverse through regions steeped in ancient traditions.

Famous Trekking Trails: Chadar Trek, Valley of Flower Trek, Roopkund Trek, Pin Parvati Pass Trek, Indrahar Pass Trek, Bhrigu Lake Trek, etc.

Discover the Modern Art Scene in Metropolitans:
Indian contemporary art has been gaining momentum on the global stage. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata are brimming with art festivals, modern art pop-ups, and interactive installations in 2023. It’s a vibrant scene where traditional themes get contemporary interpretations, and global trends are fused with local narratives. Some famous Modern Art of metropolitans are –

  • Mumbai: Kala Ghoda Art Precinct, Mural works in Bandra, and Artists
  • Delhi: National Gallery of Modern Art, Lodhi Art District, and India Art Fair
  • Kolkata: Kolkata Centre for Creativity, Artists, and Academy of Fine Arts
  • Bengaluru: National Gallery of Modern Art, Venkatappa Art Gallery, and Karnataka Chitrkala Parishath.

Conclusion –
India in 2023-24 promises an amalgamation of the ancient and the futuristic. It beckons travellers with various experiences, from the deeply spiritual to the excitingly avant-garde. Each corner of this vast country tells a story, and each level is a testament to its rich heritage, its evolving culture, and the indomitable spirit of its people. Whether you're a seasoned traveller or someone setting foot in the nation for the first time, India promises to offer experiences that are truly unparalleled. So, pack your bags, set your spirit free, and dive deep into the Indian sojourn that awaits!

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