Jhalana Leopard Safari Price

Jhalana Leopard Safari provides an exciting opportunity to explore the wilderness and witness the majestic leopards in their natural habitat. Located in Jaipur city of Rajasthan, the Jhalana Leopard Conservation Reserve is a protected area dedicated to conserving and preserving the leopard population. The wildlife attraction offers exciting leopard safaris in Rajasthan, allowing visitors to observe these elusive and magnificent creatures up close. Set amidst the Aravalli hills, home to 30-35 leopards, spotted deer, blue bulls, wild boars, and migratory birds. Once it was used as the hunting grounds of the royals, this place is now a great spot to enjoy thrilling safaris in the middle of Jaipur city.

About Jhalana Leopard Conservation Reserve –
The reserve covers an area of approximately sq kilometers and is known for its thriving leopard population. It was established to protect the leopards and their habitat and promote awareness about wildlife conservation. The reserve is home to leopards and other wildlife species like spotted deer, blue bulls, peafowls, and various bird species.

Location –
The famous Jhalana Leopard Conservation Reserve is in the Jaipur tour package, making it easily accessible for local and international visitors. It is near Jaipur, making it a convenient and popular tourist destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Timing –
The leopard safari in Jhalana is usually done in two parts: morning and nighttime. The morning safari usually begins around sunrise, giving you the chance to see the wilderness come to life. The evening safari takes place before sunset, allowing visitors to enjoy the reserve's lovely environment during twilight. The exact timing may vary, so check with the reserve authorities or tour companies for the most up-to-date schedule.

Entry Fee –
The entrance fee to Jhalana Leopard Conservation Reserve covers the safari cost and contributes to conservation initiatives. The fee may differ for Indian and foreign tourists, and additional charges for cameras or automobiles may exist. It is best to check the official website or contact the reserve officials for the most up-to-date information on entry fees.

Thrilling Leopard Safari in Jhalana –
The leopard safari in Jhalana is conducted in open-top cars accompanied by knowledgeable guides. Visitors can explore the reserve and track the leopards in their natural habitat. The skilled guides enrich the safari experience by providing insights into the behavior and lifestyle of these intriguing big cats. Ensure a safe and courteous interaction with leopards and other wildlife by following the directions and guidelines issued by the authorities.

Fauna in Jhalana National Park –
The beautiful reserve has more than 35 leopards, including 10 cubs. Therefore, it can be easily sighted during the safari session. Besides leopards, there are many beautiful fauna species to see here, like, Striped Hyena Blue Bull, a variety of snakes, Indian civets, desert cats, jungle cats, desert foxes, jackals, porcupines, jungle rats, monitor lizards, mongooses, Sambar deer, spotted deer (chital).

Jhalana National Park is a bird watcher's paradise due to its diverse bird population. It is one of the most popular activities here. There are numerous species to take your breath away, like the Indian Pitta, Dusky Eagle, Owl, Spotted Owlet, and more. This will make you realize that your animal vacation in Jhalana National Park is the nicest vacation ever.

Conclusion –
Jhalana Leopard Safari is an amazing wildlife excursion that allows you to witness the beauty and grace of leopards in their natural habitat. The Jhalana Leopard Conservation Reserve provides important habitat for these secretive beasts and helps to conserve them. Visitors may help conserve and preserve these amazing big cats and their ecology by participating in the leopard safari and supporting the reserve's efforts.

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