Festivals in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known for its grand celebration and carnival. The tourists get to enjoy not just the Rajasthan tradition and customs but also get to have adventure and literature experiences at the famous fairs of Rajasthan held every year for tourists as well as for local's entertainment purposes. In  Rajasthan Diwali Tour Package, the tourists get to enjoy the carnivals and celebrations done by the residents lavishly and royally, not just this, the streets are lighted and decorated for the occasions.

Fairs and Festivals provide color and enjoyment to one's life, it also brings people together during the festive season, moreover, it's for entertainment as well as some occasions are held for ritual purpose. Some of the best and most famous fairs and festivals celebrate every year by the locals of Rajasthan are as follows:

1. Pushkar Camel Fair – Every year in Pushkar, a camel trade Pushkar Fair where thousands assembled with their camels for trading, is held to honor the tradition of Rajasthan. At this fair, the visitors get to view and enjoy the dance, music, and magic show with a parade, a competition of beauty where camels are dressed up as well as a show of snake charmers and carousel rides for kids to enjoy. One can even enjoy the bazaar where locals present items created by handicrafts, and also get delighted in a hot-air balloon.

2. Kumbhalgarh Festival – In Jaipur Kumbhalgarh Tour, the tourists get to view the vibrant musical, and dance performances presented by the inhabitants' artists. One can even get to take part in mehendi and turban-tying competitions. The fireworks are treated to experience at the Kumbhalgarh Festival held in Udaipur. This festival represents the art and culture of Rajasthan tradition.

3. Elephant Fair – A festival where the tradition of Rajasthan is celebrated. On the day of Holi, the famous traditional festival of Rajasthan is Jaipur Elephant Festival is celebrated every year at Jaipur Polo Ground. The celebration is done in such a way where the Elephants are dressed up with heavy jewelry, and colorful jhools I.e. harness material for competitions such as Polo Match and Tug of War between Elephants. Moreover, the female Elephants are made to wear anklets for shows.

4. Kota Adventure Festival – In Rajasthan Tour Packages of Jaipur, the tourists need to add Kota Adventure Festival to their touring list as this festival is a great place for adventurous enthusiastic people. Kota offers too many options for adventure sports such as parasailing, rafting, windsurfing, water skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, trekking, gliding, and fishing to its visitors.

5. Ramdevra Fair – In a small village of Jaisalmer, Baba Ram Dev Samadhi exists, where devotees from all around the world attend and offer their prayers. The place held the memory of Baba Ram Dev, the significance of this place is it shows unity and harmony among the people during the celebration. Bhajans and Kirtan are held the whole night during this fair.

6. Gangaur Festival – The famous festival is celebrated by both married and unmarried women in the honor of Goddess Parvati. The festival lasts 18 days, and on these days the women come together to perform rituals with dancing, singing, colors, and fireworks at the end of the festive. The occasion is celebrated with the togetherness of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

7. Jaipur Literature Festival – A festival solely dedicated to the writer, where every literature-interested visitor visits Diggi Palace for a literary festive. This literary exhibition is one of the world's finest shows which features not only renowned authors as well as up-and-coming authors. One can find a great opportunity to enjoy reading from Nobel Laureates and Man Booker Prize Winners to aspiring authors. During this festive visitors from Rajasthan as well as all over the world guests get to learn, share and exchange their ideas and beliefs with live legends.

8. Teej – The festive where Goddess Teej is worshipped and welcomed with outright glory. During the celebration, Goddess Teej is taken in the golden wagon to the other side of the city with elephants, camels, or horses. Throughout this period, married women dress in a traditional green costume, with mehndi and bangles full in bridal form. There is also a traditional performance done with songs and dance.

9. Nagaur Cattle Fair – Nagaurs Cattle Fairs' main motive is cattle trading, where thousands of Horses, bullocks, and Camels are used for trading. Moreover, for entertainment purposes, jugglers, storytellers, and puppet shows are held at the fair. Other than this, the owners of the cattle get to dress with turbans of multicolor and long mustaches to show their enthusiasm for the fair. Wooden items and accessories made of camel leather and mirchi bazaar with the largest red chilly market in India are presented to the tourists.

10. Mewar Festival – Rajasthan’s famous and popular festival is the world's 2nd living heritage festival organized in the majestic city of Udaipur where the celebration is done in a very royal and lavish manner. The festival's highlights are the musical show with classic dance performances, and the fireworks, and the visitors enjoy the luxurious food made by skilled culinarians at the food stalls present in the fiesta.

In Rajasthan Tourism, tourists will never regret choosing Rajasthan as their vacation trip. Rajasthan offers much more than just monuments and temples and countless programs and shows for entertainment purposes for their locals as well as tourists.

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