Famous Foods of Rajasthan You Must Try on Your First Trip

Rajasthan is famously known for its rich culture and royal heritage and is also popular for its delectable cuisine. The royal state offers mouthwatering cuisines reflecting its vibrant traditions and flavors. From majestic havelis to royal cuisines, that is the eclectic mix of north Indian specialties, with an amazing blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian for the bygone era.
If you find yourself in Rajasthan tour packages, here's a guide to everything you must try here. Because it is, as the saying goes, the heart and soul of a place lie in its taste of food! Here're seven famous foods of Rajasthan that you must try on your first trip:

Dal Bati Churma –
This is one of the famous dishes to relish in Rajasthan tourism, so much so that there are folklore and songs about this traditional dish. No quintessential Rajasthani meal can ever be complete without Dal Bati Churma. The round boats are served with Panckuti dal and a hearty dose of Churma. The batis are round balls of dough baked over a charcoal fire, as a distant plump cousin of usual Indian chapattis!

Laal Maas –
Another popular dish in Rajasthan is Lal Maas, a non-vegetarian Rajasthani cuisine. The hero of any Rajasthani meal is the crowd puller for centuries, Lal Maas. The red color of this cuisine comes from a hearty dose of red chilies added to the dish. You must try it with either bajra rotis or plain rice, a dish that never disappoints you.

Mawa Kachori –
Mawa Kachori is a sweet dish native to Rajasthan. It's a deep-fried pastry with a sweet khoya (mawa) mixture, sugar, and almonds. It is typically served as a dessert. It is stuffed with the sugary goodness of mawa and is available in every local sweet shop. Try it with a hefty serving of sugar syrup, and you'll be done for your afternoon slump.

Gatte ki Sabji –
Without Gatte ki sabji, an authentic Rajasthani platter remains incomplete. Gatte is well-cooked gram dumplings that are nutritious and can be mixed with almost every Rajasthani dish. It used to be a dish prepared for the kingdom's soldiers to fulfill their nutritional value. The spicy curry seeps into the Gatte and makes them soft and aromatic. The delicious Marwari dish is best enjoyed with either Rotis or plain rice. A rice dish called Gatte ki Khichdi is also prepared using dry gram flour dumplings.

Ker Sangri –
A typical Rajasthani vegetable is prepared using locally sourced ingredients. Ker is a piquant wild berry, and Sangri is a long bean grown in the desert regions like Jaisalmer and Barmer. Both these are stored in dried form in all Rajasthani households. To make Ker Sangri, these two ingredients are first soaked and boiled. They are stir-fried with raisins, dried mango, and dried red chilies, among other native spices and herbs.

Pyaaz Kachori –
Walk through many crowded streets in Rajasthan, and you'll be tempted by the tantalizing aroma of Pyaz ki Kachori being fried nearby. Like Samosa, Kachori is a fried, round puffed pastry made from plain flour and stuffed with a spicy filling of potato and onions. It is served with tamarind and coriander chutney. There's a lot of variety in this delicious snack which can be found across India, but if you're in Rajasthan, Pyaaz ki Kachori is the most delicious snack to try.

Conclusion –
Rajasthan food is a delectable voyage of flavors and spices that should not be missed on your first visit to the state. Rajasthan's famous cities have something for everyone, from the hearty Dal Bati Churma to the fiery Laal Maas and the indulgent Mawa Kachori. Exploring the Rajasthan food tour will not only satisfy your taste buds but will also provide you with an insight into the region's rich culinary past. So, try these delectable foods and savor the unique flavors of Rajasthan throughout your visit.

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