How To Plan A Jaipur Trip?

Jaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in tourism. The city has a wide range of tourism options for everyone and, therefore, lakhs of tourists from all across the globe come to visit this royal city. You get to know the royal history of various Kings, explore magnificent heritages, relive the experience of royal life, enjoy beautiful nature, or taste delicious foods. Jaipur is famous for its hospitality and every tourist gets a lifetime memory of this city. Our Jaipur travel guide will help you to get the best experience of this city.

About Jaipur:

Jaipur is known as ‘The Pink City’. The city is the largest and capital city of Rajasthan province. The city was famous as ‘Amber Kingdom’ but later on get known as ‘Jaipur’, named after its founder Maharaja Jai Singh. The heritage Jaipur is the first planned city in India and is colored in a pink hue. The city is a symbol of great ancient architecture on its best way on a guided Jaipur sightseeing tour.

Major Attractions:

Jaipur is a hub of tourism in Rajasthan with numerous tourist attractions and options. With our travel guide, we are briefing the major attractions of Jaipur which are must visit. 

  1. Amber Fort: Amber Fort is one of the most important and famous forts of India. This magnificent fort is 500 years old and protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This fort is full of artistic style elements, small palaces within, large ramparts, a series of gates, gardens, and a lake in front. 
  2. Nahargarh Fort: The highest point of Jaipur, the fort gives a scenic view of the complete city. Nahargarh was built to make the defense ring for the ancient kingdom. 
  3. Jaigarh Fort: Built higher above Amber Fort, this fort was meant to overlook Amber Fort for security purposes. There is one of the largest cannons on the wheel of the world on top, which is 1720 at the time of built, was the world’s largest cannon of the early modern era. 
  4. Jal Mahal: This beautiful palace over the lake was built to beat the high temperatures. The architectures designed 4 stories submerged in water, one story above the lake, and a rooftop garden with trees. 
  5. Hawa Mahal: The palace of Air is designed to be windy throughout the year. The honeycomb structure with many windows was designed for royal families in such a way that they can overlook the festivals and rallies on street but no one can see them from outside. 
  6. City Palace: This is a complex of many small palaces and houses several ancient artifacts. This palace was built for cultural and religious events at a grand level.
  7. Jantar Mantar: The place is still a great wonder of ancient astronomy with 19 ancient astronomical instruments which were way ahead of their time and the world’s largest stone sundial.
  8. Albert Hall Museum: This is the oldest museum in Rajasthan and houses an Egyptian mummy which is the major attraction here. Apart from it, there are collections of ancient artifacts, Jaipur pottery, antiques, sculptures, old jewelry, Rajasthani paintings, etc.

Things Must Do:        

  1. Elephant Ride: Ride on colorfully decorated elephants to relive the traveling experience of royal families and visit the elephant village. 
  2. Festival Celebration: One must enjoy the Teej Festival, Gangaur Festival, Kite Festival, and Jaipur Literature Festival which are unique and celebrated at a grand level.
  3. Night Safari: Jaipur tourism has decorated all the monuments with colorful lights which can be visited as Jaipur Night Safari along with a sound & light show at Amber Fort showing the great history of Jaipur. 
  4. Hot-Air Balloon Ride: Enjoy this ride with the majestic views of Jaipur city from the sky.
  5. Shopping and Food: Jaipur is well known for its shopping options and delicious foods. 

How To Reach:

Jaipur city lies on the Golden Triangle Tourism in India and is well connected with the major cities of India. The bus stand in Jaipur runs several buses interconnected to many cities in India. An international airport in Jaipur has many direct and indirect flights to major domestic and international airports. Also, it has a large number of travel agencies too. 

Where To Stay:

Jaipur is the main tourist attraction of Rajasthan hence; the tourism sector is well-developed here. The city has a large number of ultra-luxuries, luxury, mid-range, and budget accommodations for all kinds of budgets. All the hotels and resorts are well connected with the airport, railway station, and bus stand. 

Best Time to Visit:

Rajasthan is a hotter state, especially during the summer. So, because of the heat, it is best advisable to travel in the winter seasons. The rainy seasons are also famous here as during that time the city put on a blanket of beautiful nature. Jaipur city looks beautiful and scenic in all seasons.

Conclusion -

Through this Jaipur Travel Guide, you can plan a smooth going trip to the Pink City of Rajasthan with us and get the most memorable experiences. Travellers can book their Jaipur Tour Package with other related travel services at the best affordable rates.

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