Jaipur Amber Fort: The Completer Tour Guide

Jaipur is one of the tourist spots of The Golden Triangle Tour, creating a position in being the top attraction for tourists. Jaipur the capital city of Rajasthan as well as known 'The Pink City’ for its vibrant and various Royal tradition nature. Though, Rajasthan have enormous forts and palace in every city of Rajasthan State offering different historical tales of royals as well as battles, one of the famous palaces is the Amber Fort/ Palace. With the assistance of Jaipur Sightseeing Taxi, the tour becomes easy for the tourist to roam around the palace and nearby places and shops.

The famous tourist and first spot for Jaipur Sightseeing Tour are Amber Palace lies at the top of a small hill, away from the main city at a distance of 11km. Amber fort depicts a beautiful tale with its perfect blend of architecture. The fort not only offers the tale of royal tradition but also, educates one about the Rajasthan tradition.


In 1592, Raja Man Singh I first constructed the fort with the remains of the protected buildings. The palace consists of tunnels that were used by the royal families to escape during the war period. Later for the next 150 years, the palace was changed by its successive rulers.

Before being the current capital of Rajasthan, present-day Jaipur was ruled by Kachhawa Rajputs. Before this, Meenas found the place in 967 AD, they devoted the place to their Goddess known as 'Gatta Rani’, 'Queen of the Pass’. Kachhwaha clan of Rajputs conquered the Amber around the year 1037 AD and had control over it up to the year 1727 AD.

During the governance of Raja Man Singh I in 1600, the place was modified several times. In the year 1727 AD, Sawai Jai Singh II, later on, shifted Amber to the new town named Jaipur.

Architectural View

From the view, one can easily identify the usage of pale yellow, pink sandstone, and white marble did to the extensive fort, making it such magnificent as it is currently a treat to the tourist's eyes. The palace is divided into four main sections with an inbuilt courtyard. The palace's massive build can confuse the tourist. There is brief detail in step by step process to travel during tourist visits.

1. First Courtyard

Tourists get to set foot in Amber fort through the Suraj Pol known as Sun Gate, leading to the main Courtyard Jaleb. Upon entry, the visitors get to see Chand Pol aka Moon Gate on the opposite side of the main courtyard. One can also see Siladevi Temple,  with beautiful doors made of solve, after taking a few steps to right. The main usage of the courtyard was for the arm to display their war trophy to the residents, according to the royal customs, women would view from palace windows.

2. Second Courtyard

Second, comes the Diwan-i-am also known as the Hall of Public Audience. Its infrastructure is built in such a manner that one cannot stop and miss the details, like the magnified archways and double-row columns each topped in elephant shape presentation, giving the palace a majestic and classic look.

3. Third Courtyard

The tour is continuous with a walkway to beautifully infused arches, the Ganesh Pol. The place is known as Diwan-e-Khas, due to its multi-mirrored ceiling and room with shimmering mirrors, the courtyard has gotten the name Sheesh Mahal (Hall of Mirror).

One gets to visit Sukh Niwas (Hall of Pleasure) opposite Jai Mandir, where kings used to spend quality time and relax with their queens.

4. Fourth Courtyard

The last comes to the Zenana Mahal also known the as Hall of Royal Women, where royal women come forward for meeting in the center of the hall. The rooms are separated from each in such a manner that if the king is to visit one room, the other room won't get to know of the king's presence. Though the rooms are independent of each other, the place is connected by a corridor.

Timing and Cost -

Tourists are permitted to book a taxi from Jaipur Taxi Services to explore the place as well as the surrounding monuments of the fort. The time for visiting the palace is from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. For the night entry to the place is from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

The cost for the tour differs depending on locals and foreigners, the prices are such as INR 100 for local Indian visitors whereas for foreigners it's INR 500. The night entry charges INR 100, and the tour guide charges the tour INR 200, whereas the audio guide costing between INR 200- 250. Tourists can even get to book a car from Car Rental in Jaipur for more convenient and efficient traveling.

Activities at the Fort -

The history of the fort is presented to the visitors through the light and sound shown below the fort in the complex near Maota Lake. The show is done to depict the tales and wonders of the palace structure. Other than the light and sound show, the tourists get to ride on an elephant. The tunnels built underground which connect Amer to Jaigarh Fort are restored and available for public view. One can take assist of a Taxi in Jaipur to reach nearby places such as diwan-e-aam, Mandir, and, the Sheesh Mahal.

Conclusion -

Amber Fort is a must-visit spot to add to one's Jaipur Tour Package. As the palace offers great knowledge of the royal tradition as well as one cannot miss the architectural depictions of blending Mughal and Rajput styles which are Islamic and Hindu respectively. This representation of styles shows the harmony among the people during that period.

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